Tuesday, 4 March 2014


We are doing art could falling into space .we have managed to do quite a lot.
Most of us have got up to sharpie , starting to do our colouring. 
Some of us our nearly up to doing our backround .
There are flowers, oceans, Planets ,even  birds seasons like autum,winter,summer and spring so those are the things that room 20 are  doing for there backround.
So as you now room 20 is quite an art class. 
If you can see our art is so colourful so here's a picture for guys.
The colours room 20 do are( blue/ red/green/yellow).
Some people are on their colouring  
Some people are on their background  
Some people are on their DIY 

From your week 6 bloggers Amy,Liam,Danielle and Louie

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