Friday, 28 February 2014

Daily 5

There's four weeks we have been doing daily 5.For daily 5 we've been learning read to someone, read two self and work on writing.The ones we haven't done is listen to reading and work with words.I like tea ball because I like batting becaue I can bat really far.Runing  is  fun because I am fast.I'm good at work on writing because I practise every day.We play lots of different games for fitness it is really fun.Runing records are fun because you get to do stuff with the teacher.I like listening to reading because you get to listen to cool story's.Today we leanrt listen to reading.It was really fun!!! The teacher let's us chose a daily 5 every day because we've done most of them and every one thinks its so fun$.At school some girls are saleing girl guide biscuits.They are yummy!!! I like writing. As you no the school is being bulit again and I hope it will be a safe and happy school!!!

By Leah, Nikita, Aidan and Guy

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