Sunday, 5 May 2013

Room 20's Crusaders Class Co-Op!!

Lucky Room 20!!!

On Wednesday 17 April, we were visited by Dave Nicholas, the More FM DJ, with a surprise. We'd won 36 tickets to the Crusaders vs Highlanders game that Saturday.

And here is our class, and some parents, enjoying the game!

Thanks so much to MORE FM for the tickets.


  1. that looks fun being in the rugby from Georgia from room 19 and amy from room 20

  2. Hi this Luke from 19 and Willow it was so fun from willow and Luke

  3. it would be fun to be in the rugby from Amy

  4. Hi everyone did you have fun in the weekend?What did you do?GOODBYE.CHLOE.CHELSEA.BRONWYN.

  5. Kia ora did you enjoy the rugby? I was sitting just over the half way line. I was looking for you guys but couldn't see you. it was awesome Louie

  6. Hi,
    It was really cool that we won the Crusaders Vs the Highlanders. And plus the Crusaders won
    From Willow