Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Circus science!

We have started studying push and pull forces for our new inquiry topic. On Monday, we looked at lots of photos and videos of push and pull forces in action. We really enjoyed the Cirque de Soleil performances!! Here's one of our favourites:

On Tuesday, we brought our own toys to school (ones that used push or pull to move or change them). We classified our toys into three categories: push, pull or push and pull forces. Here are the photos:

 Push and Pull




  1. Kia Oar Room20

    You must have thought that trapeze was a amazing .~Kate

    push and pull must be a really cool topic. ~Ruby

    1. Hi guys i agree with Kate too.

      How do they get on the trapeze

      from Amy

  2. Kia Ora

    I love the video.

    How do the people get so good at training?

    From Amy,Willow,Emma and Lily

  3. Hi

    I love the video. It is really cool from lily

  4. Zdravstvuyte Sophie

    I love your poem,
    it is so cool.

    From Willow