Friday, 8 June 2012

The North Pole in Christchurch

Snow, snow, and more snow! On Wednesday and Thursday, school was cancelled because of the big snow dump that happened early on Wednesday morning. It was too dangerous for us to come to school because of the ice, so we got to have 2 days off!

Back at school today, we had a challenge where we had to make snowmen in 2 teams. We had 3 minutes to make the first part of the snowman, and then 2 minutes to make the rest of the snowman. We tried as hard as we could to make a big snowman, and we put decorations on.

Our groups both worked really well, and as you can see, the Year 4's all tried really hard to lift the giant middle section they had rolled. They had some success in the end, but the Year 3's won the challenge because they made their snowman in the time that we had.

Check out our photos - Room 20, if you have any snow photos you want to put on the blog, please send them to


  1. i looked down waaa

  2. this blog looks great to me

  3. wow that is good year 4's

  4. That was really cool when we made the snowmen. To bad we didn't get it on in time!

    I LOVED IT!!!-Harriet

  5. Hi it looked like you had fun in the snow.How did you make the snow man?It looked like you had fun making them. All the snow men look very cool.Were you cold?how many snow men did you make?bye Molly and Nivae