Thursday, 14 June 2012

100 word challenge!

We used this 100 word challenge prompt to writing a story about Moby and his friend (who we later found out was called Tim). Please read what 4 children in our class wrote, in 100 words or less. Aren't they clever?

Moby in the Jungle
Once upon a time there were two men but actually one was a robot. But lets get on the the story. Moby and Darryl slept in the jungle for 100 days and 99 nights. On the last day in the jungle, they went looking for something. Can you guess? It was gold. But guess what they found? P.S they found rubbish. The end.
~by Ruby

Moby and his friend Sam were walking along in the creepy jungle. Just then a cheeky monkey came along and stole Moby's hat, then behind some trees they saw what they've been looking for, for ages... They tried to open the treasure chest, but it wouldn't budge, so they looked around for a while, and found a key. They opened the treasure chest and were amazed what they saw. There was gold, diamonds, gemstones, and rubies. It was incredible. They ran as fast as they could and stuffed it all into their pockets. "At last Moby we found it all."
~by Harriet

Once upon a time there were two young men searching the jungle and a monkey stole Moby's hat. The two young men opened the bush and found a lion on gold. They were happy but Moby wasn't because the monkey stole his hat. He was kind of happy but they were more happy that they found it. They ate the chocolate up that they got from the lion. The end. P.S it was fun, yum chocolate. Yum, yum, yum.
~by Lily

Moby and Harry are walking through the jungle. They heard a Tui, parrot, chirping, a monkey and a cricket. Then suddenly a monkey came and took Moby's hat. He was annoyed. Then Harry said, "At last Moby we found it." An old brick, viney, slippery, big, slimy, rickety house with heaps and heaps of really shiny gold. "Moby, aren't we lucky?" "Yeah we are," said Moby. The end.
~by Eli


  1. Those look REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!-Harriet

  2. i really like those storys

  3. cane i do a 100 word chaleng?

    1. Yes you can! Here is the link: