Friday, 1 June 2012

The Kakapo group presents a film about plagues...

The Kakapo reading group have read all about Plagues throughout history. Each group member found key facts and summarised them in their own words. We then talked about how we can share our learning with others. After writing the script based on our summaries, we had to use our self-management skills to practise, learn our lines, perform and film! Here is the finished product:

Note from Mrs W: Well done Kakapo group. You are all stars! You have done so well to self-manage this project and produce such a great film for a first attempt (without a tripod to steady the camera!). The knowledge you have gained shows how well you have skimmed the text for important information, found key facts about your selected area of interest, and summarised in your own words. I am very proud of you all :)


  1. Hi Kakapo group
    what a cool thing you did.

  2. well done kakapo group

  3. Well done Kakapo group! I loved the way you did your own twist with the 'Halswell and Hornby Super Plague' and the way you added in heaps of factual information that you have learnt about The Black Death.
    Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie - watch out!! There are some up and coming stars from Room 20 who may be after your jobs!