Sunday, 2 December 2012

This week's reading

Your challenge this week is to answer your question about the moon, by researching in books and on the internet. The guidelines are:

  • You must work in pairs or threes
  • Create an open question to research - remember an open question has a long answer, not a yes/no or one word/fact answer. I have to check your question before you start researching.
  • You have to use at least 2 books, and no more than 2 websites to get your information (choose carefully!)
  • Use the links on our blog to help you get started
  • Use the sheets provided to record your information and where you got the information from (the sources). Take notes (no copying directly - only choose the most important information)

When you have gathered all of your information, you can begin thinking about presenting it. See Mrs W to talk about your possibilities.

Monday - writing question and beginning research
Wednesday - gathering more information
Thursday - finish gathering information and meeting with the teacher about your presentation
Friday - begin work on presentation

Week 9 - finishing our presentations and presenting them to the class.

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