Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Stomp and Jump Jam Performances

Check out our amazing Jump Jammers and Hip Hop crew, and our awesome "Halswell Style" Stomp performance at this year's learning celebration.


  1. where is hip hop?

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for checking out the blog and posting a question. Please remember to post a positive comment too, and use your lovely manners when asking a question. I am still trying to load quite a few videos on at the moment, but due to not being at school, it's taking a long time to download from the school server. Hopefully the Hip Hop one should be up soon, as will the character descriptions. Have a great holiday.

    2. hi room 20
      its bella i think the blog is brilliant and the videos are too
      i enjoyed the stomp dance alot

  2. I enjoyed watching the stomp performance and showing my family. I am looking forward to seeing the character descriptions. I hope everyone is having a good holiday.

  3. wow room 20 that dancing of yours was pretty groovy