Sunday, 15 July 2012

Welcome to Term 3!

Hi Room 20! It's going to be a busy term, with some very exciting topics coming up for you. I hope you've all had a lovely break, and have managed to get a lot of rest so that you are ready to get into your learning tomorrow. I know I'm rested and ready to go!

The Olympics start on the 27th of July - a competition I will be following closely. What sports would you like to watch during the Olympic Games? Leave us a comment below to tell us (please remember to leave your name, and check your spelling and punctuation before posting).
The Olympic Rings - I wonder what they symbolise?

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  1. The Olympic rings symbolise each continent of the world. I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, It was really long but exiting. I didn't get to watch the whole but I would of liked to!!!-HARRIET