Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ancient Greece

On Friday, we were introduced to our new inquiry topic - Ancient Greece. The children were split into 3 groups -

Boys - went to an Athenian school to learn their alphabet, some poetry and to compete in the Olympics
Girls - learnt how to take care of the household for when they had husbands and children
Slaves - a mixture of boys and girls who had to do whatever their masters told them to do

The Athenian schoolboys enjoying a soak in the tubs

Athenian boys getting their feet washed by slaves

What an interesting day! There were both positive and negative comments about daily life in Ancient Greece, but most importantly, we had lots of questions we wanted answered.

Here is a wee video with some wonderful facts, and a cool tune!

Note for parents: We are in the process of making lapbooks to present all of our new learning - this is a huge task, and requires us to use a combination of known and new reading strategies to make judgements about what information we need to summarise. Most of our reading programme during Week 2, and parts of Week 3, will be based around Ancient Greece.

As always, we ask that each child reads for 15-20 minutes each night. Here are some suggestions:
  • Research on Ancient Greece - children may need help with search terms if using the internet
  • Bug Club - new books added today
  • Library book of your child's choosing
  • Browsing box book from the class - children are required to self-manage this.

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