Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sad Bubbles

I'm....... scared, sad and cold.
My fingers are trembling, I am grasping my bubble machine, with fake flowers. my mum is weeping quietly.

I can feel the bubbles popping. I feel scared of the coffin. the rain is splashing outside. My bubble machine is really cold. My outfit looks the neatest and most beautiful.  I hardly dared to breath loudly.

There are church seats every where, one side is for Guests one for Family. It is the first funeral I am at. Everyone is as quiet as mice.

I didn't even want to say a word encase it would disturb the quietness.
"Why on Earth did Grandad Denis die so young?" I think in my head.
I can see a ring of flowers and a bunch of flowers.

Me and my Sisters Emily and Alice. Are nearly at the steps. We go up the steps, and we are still going crazy over blowing bubbles. We are told to sit down.

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  1. Hi room 20 I really like your story Willow from Makenzie.