Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hide and seek stories

Last week, Room 20 wrote stories about a game of hide and seek we played. Here are their stories (note, the only editing and proof-reading done on these stories was done by themselves and has been typed up AS IS).

Room 20, I think your stories are great and show real potential with all of the descriptions you have included! ~ Mrs W


Hide and Seek by Mason

I am playing hide ans seek. I am running to hide. I run to another place and then I pock me head out and Sophie is running at us and Sophie sead found you tinashe mason and louie and then we ran behind a classroom and found ruby chloe and ashley.

Hide and Seek by Millie

We only had a minute to go and hide. Mrs Woolford was the counter and we had to hide. It was before lunch. I was with Kate and Gabriella to write a recount. Why is because I was laughing. We went and hid and then Mrs Woolford came and found us she found Noah first. I as scared but exited at the same time.


Hide and Seek by Kate

We were running away we only had one minute. It was all most lunch time, but Mrs Woolford had fifteen minutes to find us, and the people that she found could help her. I was running about with Millie and Gabriella. Then we were all hiding togeather. We were running around some of the school but we hid in the zero to one playground. Next we got found but Millie gave us away because she started to giggle and then before we new it Mrs Woolford said 'found you girls:. I was really scared and excited at the same time.


Ready or Not Here I Come by Joely

"ready or not her I come" shouted Mrs Woolford. And everyone took off runing. to find a good place to hide. There was no time left to choose hideing plaseis. Me Emma Chelsea and Katie were all togethir in one bosh. it was relly sewicht and I was nely cickd out cos it was so sewicht. I cord see bides fitting in a threre it looked funny. The bricks is huad as conkrt. I was relly bord and exitd. Then I head Mrs Woolford say "I fand you Joely." The End.


Hide and Seek by Bronwyn

1...2...3.... Room 20 had 1 minute to hide. "Let's hide near the slide." I said. "Actually over there in the bushes." I hid in the bushes with Ava.

I was so worried that Mrs Woolford would find me. The bushes were near a busy road so I could hear lot's of things. I could hear lot's of cars and there was a dog barking most of the time. When the wind picked up I could hear my papper  mooving in the wind.

Soum twigs were bloking soum of my vew. I saw Mrs Woolford couming for me and Ava but she never found us. The grass was bloking the rest of my vew because I was crouching down.

At the end the bell rung for lunch so me and Ava WON!!


Hide and Seek by Chelsea

We rush to hide quik she could be coming OK there's a spot will she find us first or last. Im trembling sceread I siad in my head the teacher will be out of the class looking for us. Just keep writing I thought to my self. "It's very quite" I siad to Emma and Katie "Yah" siad emma. "I love the bush were hiding in" I siad then "found you" siad Kyle we got out of our hiding place "now let's go find other people: I siad in my head. We found some other people but then the bell rang we went to class and got our lunch. The End.


Hide and Seek by Ashley

Russle russle was the sound as I plundge thought the bush.

It was a warm winters day and the count down was on for hide and seek. 1,2,3 mrs woolford counted as we all ran out tripping over shose and slaming the door. me and Makenzie raced for a bush then Noah joined the rush. We all jammed in and suddenly mrs woolford strutted along and looked in the bush we where hidding in. I turned my face so she won't see me found you noah I was so releafed she didn't see me.


Hide and go Seek by Louie

Our teacher Mrs Woolford conted for 1 munite we all ran matt and me got found first but Mrs W said go hide agen"! So we did run agin mason Tinashe and me hid in front of room 7 and no won found us. My hart was racing like a cheater when I herd fott steps and I smelled smoke in the air! We hide for a long time! We ran and ran we got 2nd noah and Guy got 1st. After we had our lunch.


Hide and Seek by Emma

It was a sunny day 123 "ready your knot her I come." I'm speeding trying to find a hidding spot. I crouch into a bush souroned by crackling leve's and big brounches. I hear foot steps aproching the area then with out looking someone sat and hid rite by my back it was Chelsea. Squishing me into the big brick's back. A cople of other's came to. They were giggling away. I quickly wispered shh we are going to be found for shore. My hart was pounding I hered a fuew big car's maceing such a niose. Then a kid shouts "Come on let's find everyone" I think they were despret to fund us. the girls started to talk agan shh I aded. I was sceared worred and nervus at the same time becouse they mite find us. We do want to be the last one's found don't we. all of us shock our head's. know shh I think theyr coming. I frose Ruby siad look they are gone But they mite come back. Chelsea stoed up get down get down we all shouted. Rot ro what if they hered us we all went silend Chelsea sat down but some how Boom Mrs Woolford's face shot at chelsea and Ruby found you Ruby found Chelsea but it wasn't Mrs Woolford who found them it was Ashly found you she squinted her eye's Emma we went and found the reast of them Bring Bring the bell rung for lunch we found evryone. We were playing hide and seek for our writing.


Hide and Seek by Amy

We only had 1 minute to hide my heart was pumping I found the perfect place to hide I waited until somebody was gonna find me I hoped that nobody was gonna find me so I stayed wuiet so that I didn't get found I saw Mrs Woolford coming closer and closer so I ducked my head so that nobody would find me but then Katie knew where I was so she came to where we were hiding but then she found me but it was fun any way the end


Ready Or Not by Lily

1,2,3 the game started evey one ran as fast as a cheter. To find a place to hid some people hid in the tree and some people hide in garden. Some people hid in the playgrond to. But Me and Ruby hide beside the tree. After that it was silint for a minit. Then I look over and over a gene suddently I saw Mrs Woolford and I frose I was scard but exsited at the same time. So I gave me and ruby away. Then we had to find more people. it was just like a treasure hunt.


Hide and Seek by Ava

"Ssshhh" Bronwyn said. I heard foot steps our hunters walked past. we were silent. we were squished together. I had my face in a branch it felt like a wooden feather. I was really exited and partly screard. I thought my heart was beating faster then a second! Then everyone on the feild started to leave so we did the same it was lunchtime. We thought we had won but we had not. We did not get cort because we were quite.


Hide and Seek by Makenzie

I ran outside looking, I jumped into the bush then Mrs Woolford called "I'm going to find you all".

I tip top fast over to a needle tree it feld like I was going to be dead, suddenly a apple core started rolling to me. later on Kyle ran past the bell rang so I walked back to class. I smelled all dusty.

I felt super super awesome and ferky.


Hide and Seek by Ruby

"Where are we goona hide."
"I don't know" "What about here" "OK."
So me , Willow, Gabriella and Chloe went over to our hiding spot. We all needed to go the toilet. In the afternoon this was. Our hiding spot was in the school grounds. By the buses.

Every one keeped on going out too check if eneyone was comeing our way. then unfortunately I went out to check and Mason got me. It smelt as if a rotten banana was hidding with us. and I was as scard as scerdy the scrull. I felt very happy because we were the last ones to be found.


Hide and Seek by Guy

I told Noah to hide with me. And he did. When we got ther. He said this is a. grat spot. he cald. To me. Miss Woolford what pust me. And Noah. And not notus me and Noah luft when she what pus the libe. And we where stol ther when. The bull run. We were itsitd.


Hide and Seek by Noah

The tree's rusling. The wind blowing girs screming pricils pocing into my scin like a spidis bit People runing past saying were uar thay then the ball raing. I falt rele bubule. and some people didint get fand I was won of thos people it was intens. Yes it was intens. Kuora for naw chaw people.


Ready or not hear I come! By Katie

“1,2,3 here i come” said Miss Woolford.
Evrey one was rushing to find a place to hide. Me Emma Chelsea and Joley hided in a big bush. Brick’s where pushing into my back and dirt was crumbling beneth my feet like apple pie.
We where silent like a mouse.
Suddenley Joley got found. I thought they where close by. Quitley I peaked out by the brik, bu they wherent comeing.
We played hide and seek before lunch time. We played it at school. Just then I got round kyle found me then Gabriella found Chelsea and Ruby found Emma. I was so disappointed, and encredibley AWESOME! And exited. Then I helped find people.

Found You by Gabriella
“Found you” said Mrs Woolford “AH!” I got a big fright.
I couldn’t find a spot. “I found a spot” I said. Lets hide behind room 5 and Room 4. Willow, Ruby, Chloe and I were waiting for so long. We all needed to go to the toilet. We were leaning on the brick wall. “Ew!” I aid the wall was wet and it had these plants poking out. Next Ruby went out and checked to see if there was any people there. There was ruby spoled it. They found us. We were the last to get found. I felt happy. THE END!

Hide and Seek by Tinashe
We ran for a good hideing place finally we found one. I was Wednesday it happened. The hole class were playing hide and seek. We were supposed to hide around the school. We did it so we could wright a story about it. Me Louie and Mason hid together. I felt excited. We didn’t get caught.

Hide and Seek by Sophie
“Found you Sophie!” shouted Kyle. I jumped in fright.

It was before lunch and we where playing hide and seek. Mrs Woolford and Kyle where coming for me. I was hideing behind a tall tree. First I was spoted easily. I had run out of the class to find a hiding spot. Then I found the tree, it was the best place to find me. I waited quietly till they found me. I got up and whent to find the next person. That person was Ashley. We didn’t find lots of people. Like Matt, he was under the seats in the flax. It was so exciting.

Hide and Seek by Kyle
The flax was scratching me like some knives. It was wet and dark and I could smell danger coming clos. And then someone said found you Kyle! It was Miss Woolford. Revendge was over.

Hide and Seek by Willow
“oh no,” I thought.
“They’ve already gone. They’ve already hidden.” I whispered to myself.
Then I heard Mrs Woolford walking across the classroom. (Room twenty). I gulped, then, when she opened the door, I thought all hope was lost. But Mrs Woolford whispered in a really quiet voice.
“You can hide once you have your shoes on.”
I had just put my shows on when Ashley entered the room.
“Where were you? You should be hiding.” I hissed.
“Well I’m just back from Piano.” Ashley Hissed back.
“Ashely we need to hide or I’ll bee found. And so will you.” I had exclaimed
We ran out of the cloak room

We were playing hid ‘n seek, for a recount to wright a piece of sample wrighting, to show in the confrence.

Hide n Seke by Matt
Yesterday “go go we will get fond”
“I will hide here” “and I will aronde the library with louie
This is a pretty obvious plase and no one fond me…
I felt awesome.


  1. They are cool story's you wrote there room 20. Well done. From Ruby

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