Sunday, 24 March 2013

What Makes Ten?

We have been working hard on building up our number knowledge in Room 20. We're trying to get faster at working out our bonds to 10 and 20, and our doubles and halves. We need to know these pretty well to help us learn our addition and subtraction strategies.

Kahurangi group, tomorrow we're going to try and say our bonds to 10 even faster than this!


  1. Congratulations for winning the trip and the tickets. we are having a busy time with all the unpacking. i have lots of friends. Ashley and Ruby i have friends with your name. I am missing you all so much and especially Mrs Woolford. My new teacher is called Mrs Andrew. I'm coming down to Christchurch for the holidays around Anzac day. have heaps if fun at the rugby and have awesom holidays. lots of hugs.

  2. I think the song is funny from Amy

  3. hi its Amy here my favrite song out of all of them is WHAT MAKES TEN i watch it every day when holly in room 3 came to my house she watched not once what four times I LOVE IT from Amy