Tuesday, 5 February 2013

First Room 20 post for 2013

Welcome to all of our followers! Our names are Chelsea, Chloe, Ruby, Kate, Makenzie, Marshall, Willow, Bianca, Amy, Leah, Gabriella, Millie, Emma, Katie, Lily, Ashley, Joely, Tinashe, Kyle, Louie, Sophie, Mason, Guy, Matt, Noah and Mrs Woolford.

We really enjoy Daily 5, where we have practising reading to ourselves. We are building our stamina. So far we are up to 3min15sec. We read cool books! We've also been decorating our Daily 5 boxes - photo to come when we are finished!

We have also been trying to trick each other with true and false statements about ourselves.

We have been learning Statistics and made a balloon pictograph this morning.

We hope you have a great Waitangi Day tomorrow! From Room 20

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  1. wow. a lot of people like light bule.Ashley.