Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Book Character Day

Today at Halswell school we dressed up as our favourite character to raise money and because it's book month. Zara was Nanny Piggins, Eli was Shane Bond, Kyle was the hungry caterpillar and Kate was Pippy Long Stocking.

Today was book character day we got to dress up as our favourite book character,the whole school had a big parade and the school council chose the best dressed.The people that got chosen got to go to the front to get an Easter egg.The money that was raised is going to the people that got seriously hurt or effected in the tsunami. For book character day Harriet was Geronimo Stilton, Caleb was from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Noah was Ron Weasley and Ruby was The Queen Bee who never said  please.

Today it was book day. It's to raise money for Japanese children. we raised over $501.00.

On Wednesday the whole school had book character day. Sterling was a rich boy, Georgia was Sheer Khan, Matthew was Liz (the lizard from the Magic School Bus) and Joely was Angelina Ballerina.

Today we had book character day to raise money for a Japanese kid who got badly affected in the tsunami and earthquake. The school had a parade. We raised over $500. Jaimee was a tooth fairy, Grace was a girl from 'A Bad Case of Stripes'. Millie was the Easter Bunny. Bianca was Cinderella.

Today we had book character day. We had it to raise money for Japanese children. I was the BFG. We had a parade. Mr Topham was a dalmatian. Caleb dressed as Ron. Mason dressed as Harry Potter. Mr Ferguson dressed as Captain Hook. Jess was Geronimo Stilton, Tristan was a scientist from Horrible Science, and Liam was a dinosaur.


  1. i think everyone LOVES the blog because there has been over 1000 views

  2. that was cool as but you cant see me and some other kids

  3. it was so fun and room 20 loved it is that rite room 20????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. I love room 20

  5. mayson bellas sister \ jayden30 March 2012 at 17:33

    i agree me and jayden were the ugly step sisters off cinderalla and came 3rd we think all of room 20s costumes were ccccooooollll including mrs wilford u rule : )

    1. Thanks girls, we are so glad you visited our blog! - Mrs Woolford and the Room 20 team

  6. jaimee garland3 April 2012 at 16:57

    room20 it is c o o l I like the blog

  7. room 20 have a outstanding holday and easter

  8. book character day was cool